3 Jobs That Will Only Exist in the Future

Our world is constantly changing and adapting to rising levels of technology and new needs. These needs are met with the birth of new industries and career paths, previously we have seen the unpredictable rise of social media manages, coders and content creators. The jobs that are in abundance today are drastically different to the ones our parents and grandparents envisioned for us. Here are a couple of jobs we will see in the future. 


Space Pilot 

Our break into space as a tourist venture will mean that the training for astronauts will duplicate in supply to train space pilots and crew. With global warming increasing, space being injected wit high levels of investment that will trigger a new generation of pilots. 

VR technicians

Virtual reality is a business that would take job seekers within the 1960s by surprise. There is a steady rising interest within this industry, and soon VR technicians will be in high demand. 

Machine manager 

Most job predictions always include the rise of automation, but there is also a potential for the human side of looking after and managing machinery. 

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