3 Jobs That Survived Pandemic Chaos

The future of work sits unsteadily as it has been rocked by the impacts of covid-19. This has meant that the futures of certain jobs look very different as we come out of lockdown and back into the offline world. Although some jobs have remained intact and even stronger after battling the costs and ramifications of the pandemic. Here are a couple of the jobs that are withstanding disruption. 



The forceful introduction of the online workplace was a win for the technicians. Allowing the workplace to translate onto the online field has meant that technicians were feeling right at home – both workwise and location wise. This is as the demand for technicians drastically increased as the world was plunged into zoom and Microsoft teams.    


The communication and organisation of teachers has meant that their skills have translated seamlessly into the online world. Skills such as patience and organisation were needed in order to cope with the pandemic, and our teachers delivered and kept our education intact. 

Healthcare workers

The qualifications of health workers have been put into overdrive, and we would not have survived the pandemic without the assurance and help of our dedicated health teams across the state.

These jobs have stuck around loyally during the hardships of the pandemic, and this is just a peek of Australia’s strongest positions. 

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