3 Courses That Will Take Off in 2022

Short-term courses are gaining in traction as we exit lockdown and enter normalcy. With this we see a rise of short-term courses and training programs that will occur online and offline as popularity surges. These courses will give students practical training skills that are necessary to enter a changing workforce to meet benchmark standards that have changed due to covid. Here are some of the in-demand courses that are skills-orientated and ready to prepare you for the workforce. 


Digital marketing 

Marketing is a rising in-demand skill in our workforce. Learning technology and being up-to-date with current trends through SEO and social media advertising are just some aspects of digital marketing courses. 

Business Analytics 

Businesses have been hit hard due to covid, this means in order to remain competitive they must constantly improve their model and hire people with skills in business analytics. A course in business analytics will prepare you for data analysis and give you experience in statistical techniques. 

Machine learning

Machine learning is the foundation for many corporations and business, thus the key driver of innovation. A course in machine learning will help you in skills that revolve around customer service to fraud detection. Meaning you’ll adapt to algorithms and learn about ML tools 


These short-courses are important to build the foundations of our society, and thus will only increase in value and importance as we drift into an online workforce. Get ahead now and enrol today. 

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